Light The Fire!

Dear Incredibly Busy Executive,

March 11, 2017 you are cordially invited to take a day and spend it focusing on YOU. Yes, a day to recharge your batteries and re-ignite your passion for what you love most and do best. Light the FIRE! is all about you, only better, more relaxed, more focused, more intense,and in proper balance with your life.  Light the FIRE! was created from over 30 years of working with hundreds of busy executives, like yourself, and listening to their common issues:•       Too much work and not enough family time•       Weight gain and lack of exercise•       Poor nutrition•       Stress about finances and retirement•       And, yes, lack of sexual satisfaction Light the FIRE! was purposely scheduled on a Saturday because we know you. Admit it, you’re the type of go-getter that won’t take a weekday off to focus on you because you give all your energy to everyone else Monday through Friday. So, this particular Saturday is exclusively yours and you deserve it. The 6 expert presenters we have carefully chosen are all busy business owners and executives like you. We know the challenges of running a successful business, and the stress it can cause on your family, your health, and your sanity. Now, we dedicate our lives to helping other business leaders learn how to reduce stress and live in harmony with work and family. We look forward to meeting you, sharing knowledge, and learning together at Light the FIRE!Find all the information at  We encourage you to attend and invite your team to participate in this healthy learning experience.Sponsorship opportunities are also available to get your brand in front of the top businesses in New England. Believe it or not, there are some things in life that are actually more important than work…like life, and living it. Light the FIRE!is about learning to balance both. Just do it! You will be glad you did. Respectfully, Matt Randall Crazy busy business leader, like you. 😉

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