Grow your business with social media.

Whether you have been active in social media for years, or you are just getting started, the rules to using social media properly keep changing. Get the latest updates, tips, tricks, and strategies to make social media work for you. The rules keep changing. Are you up-to-date?This enlightening 4-hour event, includes lunch, will get you up-to-speed with using Social Media Marketing to grow your business.Should you be using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram,Pinterest, Snapchat, or something else?What should you post and when?Should you be posting differently on each service?Is there a best time of day to post?How to write engaging content.Is outsourcing your SM services a good idea?Should you have a blog or vlog?Should you have separate personal and business pages?What is SEO and how can your SM improve on it?For registration and details, visit



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