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HRCU Donates $2,500 to Dover Mental Health Alliance

November 29, 2020 10:40 AM | Michael Guyre

Rochester, NH –HRCU is proud to present Community Partners with a donation of $2,500 to support the Dover Mental Health Alliance (DMHA). The DMHA is a community collaboration to educate and inform all citizens about mental health, mental illness and suicide prevention.

“We know that mental health is an area that needs a great deal of attention and focus in the community, and by supporting the Dover Mental Health Alliance and Community Partners it was a great way for HRCU to start to get involved”, said HRCU President & CEO Brian Hughes.

The DMHA is comprised of area business leaders, educators, administrators, civic leaders, therapists, community members, nonprofit staff, faith leaders, and frontline workers who have joined forces for the purpose of delivering education and awareness of mental health and its challenges to the Dover Community. They aim is to work with all facets of the community to empower its citizens to be able to recognize the signs of a mental health challenge and respond appropriately.

“When we understand and internalize that our mental health is part of, and as important as our physical health, then we can change the perceptions of what our society has long believed to be what mental health and mental illness is”, said Suzanne Weete of Community Partners.  “HRCU is a leader in understanding that more work needs to be done to change our culture so that people can get the help they need without feeling shame or discrimination. The DMHA thanks HRCU for their generous support”, Weete added.

To learn more about the Dover Mental Health Alliance, you can visit their Facebook page, Partners is the state designated nonprofit Community Mental Health Center in Strafford County. For more information about all of Community Partners’ services and programs, please go to

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